A Lawful Development Certificate (Proposed) has been granted confirming the siting of an ancillary caravan within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse.

The applicant approached Patrick Durr Associates seeking to build a new dwelling for their daughter, next to their existing dwelling in the countryside. Unfortunately, we had to advise the applicant that a new dwelling would be classified as inappropriate development within the countryside and consequently unsustainable. We did not believe such a proposal would ultimately be successful.

Although we were not able to assist the applicant with this particular proposal, through discussions we were able to suggest an alternative solution. We suggested that the applicant site a caravan within this medium sized garden, which would be used by their daughter and young family as ancillary accommodation to the applicant’s main dwelling.

This provision is allowed under caravan statute which permits caravans in gardens under certain circumstances, depending on their location and use.

The applicant explained that there would be an intimate connection between the caravan accommodation and the main dwelling, and the main aim was to live as one multi-generational family, as opposed to gaining a separate dwelling per se.

The applicant then found a suitable structure (log cabin) which qualified the caravan statute and together we submitted a successful Lawful Development Certificate (Proposed) to the Council.

Although this type of proposal does not technically require planning permission, we always recommend submitting a Lawful Development Certificate (Proposed) to ensure the scheme qualifies before spending considerable money purchasing and siting the caravan.

If your proposal qualifies, this type of planning is a quick and easy way to provide extra accommodation. Please Contact Patrick Durr Associates for further advice on this very welcomed loophole.