Planning Appeal

The Planning Appeal process is where an applicant can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for a second opinion if they are unhappy with the Council’s decision. The Planning Inspectorate has the power to allow, dismiss or vary a Planning Appeal and in some cases award costs to either party.

Planning Appeal may be the only option for applicants who disagree with a Council’s decision, but it should not be undertaken lightly, as the process can be long and arduous. Before appealing, you must be confident that the Local Planning Authority has wrongly assessed your application by either not giving due weight to a special circumstance or by not correctly interpreting the requirements of its local policy, national policy or law.

Patrick Durr Associates are able to assess whether an applicant should or importantly should not appeal a planning decision, as sometimes a dismissed Planning Appeal can be harmful for future applications, not to mention an expensive and time consuming process. In some cases Planning Appeal can be avoided by further discussions with the Local Planning Authority or a different planning approach, which is always our first preference.

When there is no better option, Patrick Durr Associates can guide appellants through the Planning Appeal process.

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