Strategic Sites

No matter what the planning conundrum, we regularly advise clients not to just plan for today, but ensure today’s proposal is right for tomorrow too. We use the well-coined phrase “master planning” for this type of exercise, as a catchall strategic planning lesson.

For strategic planning sites, master planning is the main intention from the beginning.

Applicants contact Patrick Durr Associates with generous sites located nearby to towns or villages, or indeed relative sites within more concentrated development areas. These applicants usually have one desire, to maximise their asset by whatever proposal is most achievable.

For these types of commissions, we look to identify the attributes of a site and decide what type of development is suitable for the area. This may be a mixed use or multi-design led project. We also look to work closely with architects and developers where applicable, with the aim to marry a physically possible design with a justifiable planning need.

For these larger sites, we look to engage with the relevant Council department from the outset, as well as involving the local community if needed.

Strategic site planning requires not only an ability to interpret current planning policy, the foresight to predict future development trends and the experience to identify what is realistically achievable, but also management of all parties to best ensure an ultimately successful plan.

At Patrick Durr Associates we pride ourselves on exhausting a site and planning a perfect place for the future. We have the necessary connections to take a raw strategic site and see it through to a successful built-out development.

Whilst our clients appreciate our proactivity, they appreciate our honesty even more so, as strategic planning can be very lucrative, but equally can be a high risk and high cost venture. For this reason, and noting that no planning can ever be guaranteed, clients, developers and investors alike are most grateful when we highlight the limitations of a strategic site, and make them aware of the negatives as well as positives of a proposed scheme.

Our rare mix of self-belief, intuition, proactivity, connections and ability to constantly revaluate our pathway during your instruction makes Patrick Durr Associates your first team member for any new strategic venture.

Please contact Patrick Durr directly today if you have a larger or strategically located site which may be primed for development now or in the future.


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