Urban Planning

Advising on and preparing applications for urban and town planning sites is a completely different exercise to rural planning projects, and it takes a confident, multi-disciplinary and adaptive planning practice to excel in both.

At Patrick Durr Associates we are experienced in understanding and tackling the diverse range of sites and locations set within towns and cities, including London.

National policy encourages new developments within established built-up areas such as towns and cities, as there are already the sufficient facilities, services, transport links and infrastructure to accommodate new residential and commercial uses. These sites are usually considered to be within ‘sustainable locations’ and therefore there is a presumption in favour of approving applications within these areas.

Unlike rural planning applications which usually must overcome these sustainability issues, urban planning instead throws up its own obstacles when trying to make the use of ever smaller sites needed for ever greater uses.

Patrick Durr Associates regularly advises individuals, businesses and developers alike to find the best way forward for particular developments, and we pride ourselves on trying to identify site specific concerns before application submissions. Usually, this culminates in well prepared, well received planning applications which are then approved efficiently.

We encourage applicants to engage architects soon after instructing us so that from the beginning we can work together as a team to produce both a financially viable yet policy compliant design.

Contact us today to discuss your well located site, so together we can aim to achieve the best result for you.


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