Planning Applications

For most proposed development you will need to apply for planning permission from the Local Planning Authority.

Planning applications should comply with both the local policy of your Council and national policy. Local policy is guidance and stipulations Councils use to judge new developments within each Local Authority. Additionally, planning applications should be supported by national policy which is now mostly contained in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

When you are proposing a planning application, it is an opportunity to present the scheme in its best light to the Council. Sometimes it is necessary to support the application with a highway report, tree survey, ecological survey, contamination survey or structural survey to name but a few; which will aim to overcome any potential issues.

At Patrick Durr Associates, we prepare and submit a planning application via a “belt and braces” approach. This is to say that our applications are submitted covering all necessary angles to ensure your project has the best chance of success. With an efficient and effective service, applying for planning permission could not be easier.

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