Agricultural Planning

In recent times the Government has made it clear that encouraging the rural economy and supporting rural businesses is paramount to the success of the country.

In a time where we see fluctuating meat, milk and crop prices, farm owners now need to diversify and think outside the box to remain viable.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways agricultural businesses can start, expand, convert or a combination of all three.

Due to the increase in the tourism industry, increased interest in renewable technology and the recent Permitted Development right changes allowing the change of use of farm buildings to a number of other uses, the planning system is currently geared to supporting rural enterprise and the time to investigate development potential is now!

At Patrick Durr Associates we have vast experience of helping agricultural holdings. This is whether proposing development for a new business venture such as a farm shop, proposing a new dwelling to support a farm holding, or even evaluating and advising on suitable Permitted Development changes, which can transform the fortunes of agricultural businesses.

Here at Patrick Durr Associates we are strong believers that you must understand the countryside to plan in the countryside.

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