The Market Garden

Patrick Durr Associates has successfully secured planning permission just outside Cranbrook for the conversion of a building into a detached, three-bedroomed dwelling with carport and a small block of stables.

The application site was a former horticultural building set within approximately 3 acres. The site had a long chequered history of planning refusals and enforcement notices. Within the last four years planning permission had been refused for residential use on site five times.

When the applicant came to us, the site was the subject of a residential use planning enforcement notice which had been appealed. The site had also recently been refused residential planning permission again in November 2014.

Working closely with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, we were able to find a way around the issues and were able to propose a scheme which was appropriate for the site and surrounding area.

The key to this success was the Pre-Application engagement with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and the Council’s willingness to work with us in finding a suitable solution. The 2012 National Planning Policy Framework encourages this level of Pre-Application discussion and advises Councils to try to find ways forward where possible, instead of simply scrutinising an application.

In summary, this was a truly excellent result for the applicant who otherwise was in a very complicated position.

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