Patrick Durr Associates are continuing their 100 per cent record of approved Class Q Permitted Development applications proposing the change of use of agricultural buildings to residential use, with a further three approvals this week!

Two new approvals are within one agricultural unit on the outskirts of Ashford. One building is steel framed with profile steel cladding, whilst the other building is a steel framed hay barn with one open-sided elevation. One of the buildings had previously been refused a similar application in 2014, however with the help of the Council, Patrick Durr Associates addressed the problems and successfully achieved two new proposed dwellings. This has made a real change to the applicant and the viability of the site.

To date, Patrick Durr has now been involved in creating 17 houses from agricultural buildings within a six month period. Who’s will be the 18th?

Onwards and upwards …

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