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Planning Applications | Patrick Durr Associates

Planning Applications

With an efficient and effective service, applying for planning permission could not be easier.

Planning Appeal | Patrick Durr Associates

Planning Appeal

When there is no better option we can guide appellants through the planning appeal process.

Lawful Development Certificates | Patrick Durr Associates

Development Certificates

We understand Lawful Development Certificates. If a development is lawful, we will prove it!

Permitted Development | Patrick Durr Associates

Permitted Development

We can effectively prepare and submit applications on your behalf, avoiding the many potential pitfalls.

Agricultural Planning | Patrick Durr Associates

Agricultural Planning

We are strong believers that you must understand the countryside to plan in the countryside.

Equestrian Planning | Patrick Durr Associates

Equestrian Planning

We understand horses which allows us to present an equestrian application in its best possible light.

Strategic Planning

Master planning from the start. We can help with identifying and managing strategic sites.

Urban Planning

Urban and town planning have their own difficulties which can be easy to overcome when identified correctly.


We help find new directions, bridge council/applicant relations and assess existing schemes.

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